Your idea...

You have an idea. Something that makes money or makes the world a better place. (Ideally both.)


You have something real that you can use to find your first customers or pitch investors. Whatever you need.

There's a reason we work in 5 day blocks. That's just enough time to do one thing really well. And that's the goal of a new startup or product — to find one thing that customers will pay you for, or pay attention to.

We build Version 1:

  • a working website
  • a landing page
  • wireframes
  • customer interviews

To help you:

  • find your first customer
  • prepare an investor pitch
  • bootstrap your business
  • make your idea even better

5 days. $10k.

We make things simple. A 5 day session lasts 5 days and it costs $10,000. You'll work closely with us as we simplify, iterate, and validate your idea with potential customers. At the end, you'll be on your way toward profitability and success.

Let's build something real.